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Bristol County Savings Bank Awards $20,000 Grant to Pawtucket School Department to Encourage Middle School Students to “Get Fit”

TAUNTON, MA, December 12, 2019 — Bristol County Savings Bank, through its Foundation, presented a $20,000 grant to the Pawtucket School Department at a ceremony held yesterday at Lyman B. Goff Middle School to support “Get Fit”, an after-school fitness program for middle school students. The 15-week program, which will take place at Goff Middle School, Joseph Jencks Middle School and Samuel Slater Middle School, encourages students to engage in walking and other physical activity with the goal to reduce childhood obesity and promote a healthy attitude and commitment toward fitness. Students will also learn about the nutritional value of different foods and the reasons why it’s important to make better food choices.

“Since 1996 when the Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation was established, we have committed more than $20 million to hundreds of local non profits in the communities we serve with particular emphasis on supporting local education and literacy initiatives,” said Michele Roberts, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & Community Relations Officer for Bristol County Savings Bank and Clerk of the Foundation. “That’s why this partnership with Pawtucket Public Schools works as it’s the type of investment we feel makes a lasting impact in the local area. What is more important than invigorating each child’s mind, body and spirit and, in turn, helping them become even better learners at school.”