Government Finance

Bristol County Savings Bank’s Government Finance Department provides a dedicated central resource and cash management options for the municipalities throughout Bristol County and northern Rhode Island. Our Government Finance staff understands the unique banking needs of school departments, cities and towns of all sizes.

Photo of Stacie Long, Vice President/Government Finance Officer

Stacie Long

Vice President
Government Banking Officer
Office: 774-226-1934
Cell: 508-326-4283

Photo of John Duggan, Vice President/Government Finance Officer

John G. Duggan

Vice President
Government Banking Officer
Office: 774-226-1936

Apryl Robinson
Senior Government Banking Specialist

Phalline Svay
Senior Government Banking Specialist

Products and Services

Municipal Now Checking Account

An interest bearing account that provides unlimited deposit, check writing, and withdrawal activity and also offers an earnings credit which may offset monthly service fees.

Municipal Money Market Account

Municipalities can take advantage of special interest rates and five balance tiers.

Certificates of Deposits (CDs)

We offer competitive fixed rates and terms from one month to 5 years.

Concentration Account

Consolidated sub-accounts, where funds are deposited into individual variable-rate money markets, but combined into one easy to read monthly statement.

Lockbox Service

Save time and staff hours by having your residents mail payments directly to the Bank for deposits to your account, with detailed reports available to you online.

Remote Deposit

Provides the convenience of not having to make a trip to the bank to make a deposit. A specially formatted check scanner is connected to an office computer, and your deposits are submitted online via the Bank’s secure remote deposit website.

Online Banking

Our enhanced financial management platform for your business provides you and your designated administrator’s access to your account information online, anytime, anywhere. Each user has a unique ID with customized access rights controlled by management. Out of Band authentication mitigates the risk of fraud, and dual controls are available for internal security. Online Banking provides customizable downloadable detail reports for account reconciliation, real-time balances and transaction history retained for 16 months. Easily interfaces with QuickBooks© and Quicken©.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination

Using Online Banking, your company can originate ACH transactions for employee direct deposits, tax payments, vendor payments, client collections, cash concentration, and more.

State Aid Reporting

Detailed addenda information for organizations who receive specially formatted ACH payments. User friendly reports are provided online via Online Banking.

Reconciliation Services

Detailed reports to facilitate fraud control, auditing and general accounting. You provide a check issue file and we compare it to items paid so that exceptions and outstanding items are noted.

Positive Pay Service

Protect your checking account from check fraud. When you provide us with a list of checks issued, we’ll compare it with items presented for payment. Using Online Banking, you’ll be notified of any exception items when they are presented. The online decision feature allows you the option to either pay an item or have it returned as unauthorized.

Wire Transfers

Same day transfer of funds to domestic banks. Repetitive wires can be originated online using Online Banking.

Out of Band Authentication

Out of Band Authentication is an authentication method where Company users authenticate themselves through the use of a one-time passcode that is provided outside the online channel through either an automated voice call or text message to the phone number(s) on file with the bank. If you prefer to use a Hard or Soft Token, please contact Government Finance for assistance.