Charitable Asset Management

Endowment Fund Management

Bristol County Savings Bank’s Financial Advisory Services manages numerous charitable and endowment funds for not-for-profit organizations throughout our community.

We will work with clients to develop an investment policy statement which will serve as the investment guidelines for the portfolio, so that your board of directors will fulfill their fiduciary duty as they oversee the investments of your organization. It is important for us to understand the board’s goal for the endowment, along with any spending requirements. We often meet with the investment/finance committees to review portfolio performance and reaffirm these goals.

We will work with you to ensure long-term strength and security for your organization through financial counsel and investment services that include:

We’ll offer these services to charitable funds and not-for-profit organizations at a reduced fee. It’s just one of the many ways we give something back to the community.  Contact us today to learn more.