Financial Planning

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals, a true difference. Sound financial planning is the foundation upon which bright futures are built. Having a financial plan created for your own unique needs is essential to its success. With the expertise, resources and personal commitment of Bristol County Savings Bank’s Financial Advisory Services team, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your future is secure.

For Individuals and Families

Financial planning is much more than investing. It helps you prepare for a wide range of financial issues and challenges that you may encounter throughout your life. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals will guide you through all the critical financial decisions that could impact your long-term goals:

For Businesses & Organizations

Many small and mid-sized businesses, as well as charitable organizations, rely on the expertise of our financial advisors to develop plans that secure their futures. We provide strategic advice across the full spectrum of needs, including:

Insurance Options

As we work with you and your family or business, we’ll evaluate all of the areas identified above with respect to their place within your overall financial plan. If we identify gaps in your insurance protection, we will work with you to recommend the best coverage based on your specific situation. There is no “one-size-fits-all” insurance policy. We offer a wide range of insurance solutions, each of which provides specific benefits that may be important to you as part of your total financial plan.

For individuals, these may include:

For businesses, our focus may include:

Benefits of working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional.

Your financial advisor should be someone you feel comfortable with; someone who understands your family or your business financial situation. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals represent a high level of competency, ethics and professionalism. In addition to meeting education, examination and experience criteria, a CFP certificant also has a fiduciary responsibility to always act in your best interest. In step with our guiding philosophy at the Bank, our financial advisors will provide carefully considered advice with a friendly, personal touch.

Whatever your future financial goals may be, call us today at 508-222-9500 to schedule a no-obligation, informative meeting with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals.