Rhode Island Commercial Lending Team

Our experienced Rhode Island lending team will work closely with you to understand your business and develop a financing solution that meets your needs.  All of our loan decisions are made locally, and promptly, by people who understand the local economy. As a preferred SBA lender, we are able to offer flexible commercial loan options.

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Photo of Len Sullivan, First Executive Vice President & Senior Loan Officer

Leonard W. Sullivan

1st Executive Vice President


Photo of John Silva, Senior Vice President Commercial Lending

John Silva

Senior Vice President


Photo of Hasan Ali, Vice President/Commercial Lending

Hasan Ali

Vice President


Damon Arpin, VP/Commercial Lending

Damon Arpin

Vice President


Photo of Mark Borkman, Vice Prtesident Commercial Lending

Mark A. Borkman

Vice President


Photo of Bob Skurka, Vice Prtesident Commercial Lending

Robert A. Skurka

Vice President