4 Tips for Safe Software Updates

One of the easiest ways to keep your personal financial information secure is to keep your computer software and apps updated. 

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Bristol County Savings Bank has put together the below list of 4 tips for a safe software update. It's our top priority to keep our Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island customers protected from Identity Theft and Fraud. Read our below guide on how to keep you and your family protected. 

Update your computer software often.

Always keep your computer software updated when updates becomes available and don’t delay. These updates fix general software problems and provide new security patches where criminals might get in. You can be sure the bad guys are always looking for new ways to get to your personal financial data through computer software, so updating your software is an easy way to stay a step ahead.

Get it from the source.

When downloading a software update on your computer, only get it from the company that created it. Never use a hacked, pirated or unlicensed version of computer software (even if your friend gave it to you). These often contain malware and cause more problems than they solve.

Make it automatic.

Software from legitimate companies usually provides an option to update your computer software automatically. When there’s an update available, it gives a reminder so you can easily start the process. If you can’t automatically update it, remind yourself to check quarterly if an update is available.

Watch for fakes!

Maybe you’ve seen these pop-up windows when visiting a website or opening software that urgently asks you to download something or fill out a form? These are always fake and should not be followed. An Internet browser will only warn you not to move forward or stay on a specific web address because it might not be secured or it could contain malware.

Bristol County Savings Bank strives to provide our customers with the best products and services, and part of that includes providing financial education that helps keep your personal financial information safe. View our eFraud Prevention resources for more tips on how to keep your personal financial information safe throughout Cybersecurity Awareness Month and beyond.