Mass Save Loan Program

The Mass Save Loan Program offers qualified customers interest free loans for installing energy-efficient heating measures. These so-called “energy efficient loans” help to make it possible for homeowners to upgrade older, less energy-efficient furnaces, hot water systems, thermostats, replacement windows, and insulation.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Visit or call 1.866.527.7283 to learn more about the program. There you can request a Home Energy Assessment from a Home Assessment Vendor to determine your home’s needs and how best to apply an energy efficient loan. Eligible Mass Save Loan customers need to obtain cost estimates from licensed contractors and submit them to the Home Assessment Vendor for approval. Applicants must be owners of one-to-four family homes and have a current account with a sponsoring utility. See Mass Save website for participating utilities.

How can I apply for a Mass SAVE Loan?

For additional information please visit your local branch office or any of our consumer loan representatives:

Bernadette Santos
Consumer Loan Officer
NMLS# 485416

Danielle Correira
Consumer Lender
NMLS# 1378552

Casey Shannon
Consumer Lender
NMLS# 1494745

You may also contact Mass Save for full program application details at 1.866.527.7283 or contact the Conservation Services Group at 1.800.696.8077, if you have any questions concerning the eligible improvements and process.