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Lion King

Thursday, March 16th – Recap

“Never Forget Your Pride”

Winner of six Tony Awards®, The Lion King is a smash hit! Based on Disney’s animated film, The Lion King tells the story of Simba, a young cub’s journey from childhood to adulthood. It brings to life a story filled with hope and adventure and combines it with an amazing backdrop of stunning visuals.    

Prime Time trip to see the Lion King at the Providence Performing Arts Center On March 16th, forty-six PRIME TIME™ Travelers made their way to the Providence Performing Arts Center to experience The Lion King.

As the curtain raised for the signature opening scene (“Circle of Life”), the stage was amazingly transformed into an African savannah. Giraffes walked across the stage in their slow, jerky gait, animated by stage actors on four stilts while zebras, rhinos and elephants paraded down the aisles to join them. On stage, the entire Serengeti came to life and as the music soared, Pride Rock slowly emerged from the mist!

Photo of Prime Time members enjoying The Lion King at the Providence Performing Arts Center.From the opening to the closing scene, the audience was left at the edge of their seats. The entire story was captivating; however, what puts this Broadway production over the top is the awe-inspiring visual artistry (specifically the stage set designs and costumes) combined with unforgettable music. The storyline teaches the value of family and the importance of “never forgetting your pride”.

Following the performance, the group enjoyed an early dinner at Cassarino’s Ristorante on Historic Federal Hill. Voted ‘Best Italian Restaurant in Providence’ and ‘King of the Hill’, it’s easy to see why Cassarino’s is considered one of Rhode Island’s Premier Italian eateries. PRIME TIMERS had the choice of chicken parmigiana, baked stuffed sole or capellini primavera – all of which were served in such abundance that most travelers (if not all) were able to bring a goodie bag home!

This event was a completely amazing experience where PRIME TIME travelers were left with a warm feeling inside in spite of the exceptionally cold temperatures outside.