Our branch lobbies have reopened with the exception of our Rockdale Ave. branch and Walmart branch. ‘Curbside’ banking will remain available by calling your branch ahead to schedule an appointment. Please check here for the latest information.


Business Money Market & Certificates of Deposit

Our Money Market Accounts provide flexibility for your business. Your extra operating cash can earn money while remaining accessible should you need it immediately. Bristol County Savings Bank’s business money market accounts give your business access to your funds while paying competitive interest rates. We also offer business certificate of deposit accounts with a wide variety of terms.

Money Market
Business Premium Plus
Money Market
Certificates of Deposit
A simple business money market account. Allows businesses with any of our business checking accounts a higher rate of interest. Terms from 1 month to 5 years available at competitive fixed rates.
Monthly Maintenance Fee None None None
Minimum Daily Balance None None $1,000
Transaction Limitations Allows up to 6 transfers per statement cycle* Allows up to 6 transfers per statement cycle* n/a
Check Writing Yes Yes No
Tiered Interest Rates Yes Yes No

*Allows up to 6 transfers per statement cycle to third parties by preauthorized transfer, telephone, check, debit card or similar order.

For more information about opening a business money market or certificate of deposit account, visit a branch or click here to contact us.