Free Mobile Banking

With upgraded features, Mobile Banking is even more convenient! Enjoy a seamless transition between Online Banking and Mobile Banking or use Mobile Banking alone for even greater flexibility in managing your accounts.

The following features are available with our Mobile Banking app:

Getting started is as easy as downloading an app! Try Mobile Banking from Bristol County Savings Bank. It’s quick and easy to download FREE from the App Store®, Google Play® or Amazon Appstore®.

Available on the App Store Available on Google Play Click here to visit the Amazon appstore to download our mobile app. 

It’s simple, safe and secure! Our Mobile Banking platform is based on proven technology that has been used successfully and safely by consumers around the world.

Have a Question? If you have any questions related to Mobile Banking, please refer to our FAQs below.

– Mobile Banking FAQs  –

1. Who can use Mobile Banking?

Consumer or Business customers with a deposit or loan account.

2. I don't have online banking, I only have a Debit Card, can I still get the mobile app?

Yes, Mobile Banking is available to customers with a Bristol County Savings Bank deposit or loan account.

Customers who would like to use Mobile Banking should:

  1. Search for “Bristol County Savings Bank” in the app store for your device
  2. Download the application
  3. Review & accept terms and conditions
  4. Complete the personal information form which includes: First & Last Name, SSN, Email address, Last 4 digits of Debit Card number & Card PIN
  5. Create a user ID & password and then confirm your password
  6. You will be presented with a confirmation message upon successful registration
  7. You may now log into Mobile Banking with your selected user ID & password!

3. Where do I get the mobile app?

Download the app right from the App Store for iPhones, and Google Play for Androids. At the App Store, you can find the app easily by searching for “Bristol County Savings Bank”.

4. Is there a fee to use Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is free. However, mobile carrier charges and standard text messaging rates may apply – check with your wireless provider for more information.

5. Can I pay bills through Mobile Banking?

Yes. You may also conveniently add new payees and schedule bill payments.

6. Can I make a payment on my Bristol County Savings Bank loan through Mobile Banking?

Yes. Our loan customers have easy access to make loan payments and view account balances.

7. How can I deposit a check using my phone and Mobile Banking?

Within the Mobile Banking application, select the option to make a deposit. You’ll be prompted to choose which account you want to deposit into, and to enter the amount of the check. Next you’ll be asked to take a photo of the front and back of your check, using your phone’s built-in camera. (Don’t forget to endorse the back of the check!) Then submit the deposit – you’ll receive a verification message that the deposit has been submitted.

8. When I make a deposit through Mobile Banking, what should I do with the check?

Upon your receipt of a confirmation that the Bank has received and accepted an image that you have transmitted, you must retain the check for at least 30 days from the date of the image transmission. After this time, you must securely destroy the check, mark it “VOID” or otherwise render it incapable of further transmission, deposit, or presentment.

9. When I make a mobile deposit, when are the funds available to me?

In general, mobile deposits received before 5 PM are available the next business day. That means that generally Mobile Deposit availability is actually better than an ATM deposit which has an automatic 2 day hold. (Note: We do reserve the right to place a hold on the mobile deposit).

One of our goals is to make using Mobile Banking for deposits as easy and convenient as making a deposit at our branches. A deposit made using mobile deposit is available to you the next business day in most cases just as if it was made at a branch. While mobile deposits CAN be made 24 x 7 x 365, there is still a “business” day cutoff for a mobile deposit, which is 5 PM daily (M-F).

10. Are there transaction limits for remote Mobile Deposit?


  • The largest single check that can be deposited is $3,000
  •  In a single business day the grand total of all mobile deposits cannot exceed $3,000
  • In a single business day the number of mobile deposits made cannot exceed 5 (and as noted above the grand total of all mobile deposits cannot exceed $3,000).

Additionally, there is a rolling 5 BUSINESS DAY LOOKBACK of all mobile deposit activity.

  • The 5-day limit is $5,000 total
  • The 5-day count limit (number of mobile deposits made) cannot exceed 20.

The $3,000 single check limit is enforced right on the device. The device will not allow the submission of a check over $3,000.

The other limit violations cannot be determined until after initial processing.

12. What else can I do with Mobile Banking?

Here are some of the other convenient features of BCSB Mobile:

  • Deposit checks as soon as you receive them by taking pictures with your phone or tablet, using our convenient and secure Remote Deposit Capture feature – no more waiting to get to the bank
  • Check your account balances search recent transactions by date, amount, or check number, view cleared checks. Save even more time with a new swipe feature for “fast balance” plus the last five transactions
  • Pay bills, add new payees and schedule bill payments
  • Make loan payments and view account balances for your consumer and business loans
  • Transfer funds between Bristol County Savings Bank accounts
  • Quickly place a stop payment on a check
  • Organize your finances and reach your financial goals with the new financial management tool
  • Easily reset your password through the app
  • Utilize Cutting Edge Face ID Technology on applicable mobile devices
  • Find nearby Bristol County Savings Bank branches and ATMs using your device’s built-in GPS. Additionally, you can search by zip code or address

13. Is Mobile Banking safe to use?

The safety of your personal and financial information is at the heart of Bristol County Savings Bank’s Mobile Banking service. Our service allows you – and only you – to access your accounts from your mobile phone.

Developed with some of the foremost banking security companies in the world, Bristol County Savings Bank’s Mobile Banking is designed to keep your personal information secure. We begin with a secure registration process and continue to protect you through the life cycle of each mobile transaction. This includes the following:

  • We offer you a secure online registration site.
  • You will select a unique password to use for all your mobile transactions.
  • No personal or sensitive information, such as account numbers or password will ever be stored on your mobile phone.
  • Our service uses multiple levels of encryption to protect your personal data, including your unique password.
  • The mobile application, which you will download to your phone as part of the registration process, uniquely identifies your phone each time you conduct a mobile transaction.

14. Do I need to notify Bristol County Savings Bank if I lose my mobile phone or tablet?

No. You should report the loss to your mobile carrier who will stop service to your device. As long as your password remains secure, you are protected from fraudulent use. If your original phone number is retained after you receive a new phone, you will need to download the application again, but your exiting password will continue to work. If you are issued a new phone number, you will need to repeat the registration/activation process.

15. What should I do if I forget my password?

You may request a new password through Mobile Banking.

16. Will my joint account holder be able to access our account from two different mobile devices?

Yes. Two people can have access to the same joint account number via their individual mobile devices as long as each account owner has his or her own debit card or their own electronic banking profile. Each account holder will receive a unique password for access.

17. Who do I contact if I need help with my Mobile Banking?

Our experienced service team members are available to provide personal service by phone Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm by calling 508-828-5420 during normal business hours.

18. Can I log into my Mobile Banking with Touch ID, a Passcode or Face ID?

Yes. We offer all three features on applicable devices.

The Touch ID feature allows users with compatible Apple devices to use the Touch ID fingerprint verification feature on the phone in order to login into Mobile Banking instead of having to key in their full complex Mobile Banking password.

The Passcode feature allows customers with a variety of devices (iPhones, Droids, etc) the ability to key in a 4 digit passcode to login into Mobile Banking instead of having to key in their full complex Mobile Banking password. 

Similarly, the Face ID feature allows users with compatible Apple iPhone X smartphones to use Face ID to login into Mobile Banking without keying in their full Mobile Banking password.

If you need to perform a Mobile Banking transaction such as a funds transfer or initiate a bill payment then you will be prompted to enter your complete Mobile Banking password.

You can enable fingerprint, passcode or facial recognition but not simultaneously. Use of any of these features is completely optional and will require a simple one-time activation. If you elect to use the Touch/Facial ID feature you should enable the appropriate reader on your device first according to the manufacturer instructions.

If you choose the Touch/Facial ID feature please remember that enabling Touch/Facial ID with Mobile Banking would permit anyone with a “registered” fingerprint or facial recognition on the device to access the inquiry-only functions.